L.A is like a huge street art gallery. Anytime, anywhere, there's a chance you will stumble upon one of the most beautiful graffiti you've ever seen.
I remember the first time observing murals; it was on a field trip, down Melrose boulevard, for my trend forecasting class at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. I was fascinated by the imagination and creativity of these graffiti artists who fearlessly, take a risk to express themselves.
Another great location to sight amazing masterpieces is the Art District downtown. I happened to stop by there last weekend and couldn't help but getting inspired to take pictures in front of some technicolor dressed-up walls.
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Tony to Wear: Unif Tee / Zara Denim Pants / H&M Espadrilles / H&M Sunglasses

stripes style

We’re lining up for stripes this summer - and I couldn't resist to sport some straightaway!
As a native breton, I've always had stripes available in my wardrobe. Though my favorite combo stays the original black and white, sometimes I like to jazz it up and try other color sequences.
This fresh red and white striped t-shirt from H&M was perfect for the extremely hot weather we had here, in Los Angeles, last week. Paired with these dungarees shorts from Topman, I looked like a 12 year old on vacation in Belle Île - but honestly, it felt so nice and befitting down the line!